ParameterInsights' Newest 2018 Digital Wealth Research is Here!

By Josh Book

We are pleased to release the first instalment of our 2018 North American FinTech Wealth Research and Advisory series. 

This first report dives into our extensively updated consumer survey and social data products for 2018. The moral of the story is that opportunity still abounds.However, this is the case as suppliers, incumbents and upstarts alike, have yet to meaningfully penetrate consumer attention and drive action. 

This first installment reflects an in-depth analysis of year-over-year changes in category understanding, brand awareness, and usage. We also review engagement through the lens of our proprietary attitudinal consumer segments. 

In Canada, net brand awareness is up with nearly 40% of adults able to recognize at least one digital advisory brand in 2018 - but usage remains flat. 

In the US, net brand awareness is up, 58% of adults can name a digital wealth brand - but usage is down. 

Next we analyze barriers to digital adoption among consumers and discuss important implications for marketers, managers, and executives.

Finally, we've included a comprehensive analysis of social data tracking metrics and net sentiment covering Q2-Q4 2017 through Q1 2018.

To learn more about our data and research please start a conversation with us. 

Josh Book