Digital Wealth Management Research and Advisory Service

Innovation in the North American financial services market is fast approaching a point of inflection. Near-ubiquitous mobile access, multi-channel delivery, and technological evolution are rapidly altering consumer attitudes, behaviors, and expectations.

Our FinTech Wealth Research & Advisory Service delivers quarterly reports which benchmark and track consumer and supplier insights related to automated digital wealth management over time. Our reports provide timely and relevant analyses that surface unmet needs, evaluate current market participants, and provide in-depth discussion and implications of key results


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All is Not as it Seems: Loyalty Drivers in the US Digital Advisory Market

Analysis of Spring 2018 Data

Report Release August 2018

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Reasons to Believe: Mixed results in year-over-year digital wealth consumer engagement and barriers to consumption

Analysis of Winter 2018 Data

Report Release May 2018

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Embracing Change and Reaching Target Customers: Revisiting and redefining the expanding digital wealth management category

Analysis of Full Year 2017 Data

Report Release: March 2017

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Inside the Minds of Digital Wealth Advice Target Consumers: High-appeal attitudinal consumer segments comprise more than half of the north american market

Analysis of Summer/Fall 2017 Data

Report Release: December 2017

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