North American Online Discount Brokerage Consumer Research

The broader digital wealth management space has become increasingly crowded since the advent of ODBs in the 1990’s. Many firms now also provide low-fee automated investment portfolio construction and management to complement other digitally delivered wealth management services. The race to zero commission trading has implications for both suppliers and consumers in the online discount brokerage space. Some positive, but also some with potentially unintended consequences - for both consumers and suppliers.

Our Online Discount Brokerage Research delivers quarterly reports which benchmark and track consumer and supplier insights related to the North American online discount brokerage space over time. Our reports provide timely and relevant analyses that surface unmet consumer needs, evaluate current market participants and consumer responses, and provide in-depth discussion and implications of key results.


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Unpacking Consumer Understanding in the Race Toward Zero-Commission Online Trading

Analysis of: Winter 2018 Data
Report Release: November 2018

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