"Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again."

Our Consulting practice focuses on helping clients achieve sustained superior performance.

Businesses and their managers are faced with fierce competition from the usual adversaries and also from upstarts armed with agility and disruptive innovations. The war for consumer attention and trust is being waged with velocity and on continually evolving battle fields. The prominence of digital and the mobile surrogate channels continues to add new layers of complexity to business choices.    

We help clients assess and formulate innovative strategies that consider disruptive trends and:

1.     Achieve realizable competitive advantage

2.     Find the most effective ways to acquire strategic resources and consumers

3.     Understand when and how to enter and exit particular product markets

4.     To effectively govern partnerships and achieve the highest value from alliances

In this practice we use modern and innovative frameworks from the field of strategic management to organize and assess strategic alternatives. As with all our practices we use empirical evidence to make decisions among alternatives and validate strategic choices.