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Do you ever wish you could ask a large and representative sample of consumers specific questions about their preferences for digital wealth advice? Imagine having a captive and tireless audience of thousands available to answer your every question. What would you ask them?

With our simulator you can conduct unlimited "what if" scenarios to answer questions like:

  • How would a 10% reduction in fees affect consumer demand for my product? How would it affect demand for competitive offers?

  • How sensitive are consumers to the initial investment required to set up an account? Does the pattern hold among HNW individuals?

  • If my main competitor were to add a significant fee discount for larger investment accounts, how would it affect demand for my product?

  • Which additional features will maximize interest in my product? Do these features matter to consumers with above-average household incomes?

  • What is the impact of brand relative to fees and initial investment requirements? How does this differ by age group?


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Leverage our study of over 40 North American brands and explore results of infinite variations on core features provided by digital wealth offers like:

  • Fees;

  • Initial investment requirement;

  • Customer/advisor support levels;

  • Product options;

  • Ancillary service offers like auto-saving; and more!

Rather than conduct your own time-consuming and costly market research, purchase access to our simulator and start optimizing your wealth advice strategy/product/marketing decisions immediately. With our simulator you can automatically slice and dice output by key segments of interest. Age, income, investable assets and many more demographics are all included.   

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Pricing: $4900 for unlimited users within your firm. Subscribers to our syndicated research and advisory services receive a 50% discount.
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