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The world of Wealth Management is rapidly evolving. In the face of such change, it is imperative that firms bring reliable and comprehensive data to bear on decisions related to forward-looking strategic choices.

ParameterInsights’ innovative approach to market research cuts through the noise. Our research combines deep market knowledge, proprietary algorithms into social media and rigorous consumer survey data to examine consumer attitudes, perceptions, brand engagement, and loyalty.

We work with global financial services clients to provide them timely, scientific data and advice to help them grow and win in the rapidly changing wealth management space.


Research Coverage Focus Areas


Digital Wealth Advice Research

As wealth management firms evaluate business models in the face of rapid innovations from upstarts and incumbent’s alike growth has never been more difficult. Our quarterly reports benchmark and track consumer behaviors and responses to supplier actions which provides clients with innovative and relevant data and insights to win hotly contested customer engagement.

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Online Discount Brokerage Research

In the race to zero fee commissions Discount brokerage firms are re-evaluating their business models in the face of new competition and sea change of consumer behaviors. Our semi-annual reporting provides timely and relevant analyses that surface unmet needs, evaluate current market participants, and provide in-depth discussion and implications of key results aimed at giving our subscribers an edge.

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Digital Wealth Advice

New entrants and established challengers are facing off against incumbents while consumers are left trying to make sense of it all. The resulting confusion and speed of change make it especially difficult to make sense of the competitive landscape. Our Data and Insights help businesses make better choices to grow and win.

All is Not as it Seems: Loyalty Drivers in the US Digital Advisory Market

Analysis of: Spring 2018 Data
Report Release: August 2018

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Reasons to Believe: Mixed results in year-over-year digital wealth consumer engagement and barriers to consumption

Analysis of: Winter 2018 Data
Report Release: May 2018

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Embracing Change and Reaching Target Customers: Revisiting and redefining the expanding digital wealth management category

Analysis of: Full Year 2017 Data
Report Release: March 2017

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Online Discount Brokerage

The first consumer facing digital option put in place to “disrupt” wealth management now faces another wave of change: the race to zero commission trading.

The fight for consumer awareness and attention, more optimal business models and scrappy new entrants are creating a highly competitive landscape. Our Data and Insights help businesses make better choices to grow and win.

Unpacking Consumer Understanding in the Race Toward Zero-Commission Online Trading

Analysis of: Winter 2018 Data
Report Release: November 2018

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